Japanese pudding or….???

Sometimes it amazes me how the Japanese creativity seems to have no end. Granted, it is a characteristic in all human beings. But I have to say that perhaps it has some special features here 🙂

Here I was living another Monday, elbowing all the other housewives for the best deals in the supper market, when a big and very attractive pudding crossed my path, at the beginning, I tried to resist, remembering my diet, my cholesterol and some other imaginaries reasons that seemed not to work today,

So unable to resist anymore I took my gigantic pudding and made my way to the cashier when I saw the cutest little thing ever a “puchi  purin choco” which can be translated as “tiny pudding chocolate” isn’t that the cutest name?

BFY, I ate it all, the gigantic pudding and the small chocolate ones, I think my doctor might strangle me 🙂 in my next appointment 🙂


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