Ivanka Trump, the apple that has fallen closest to the tree

The Trump virus has not only brought shame to the United States of America, due to the shameless instances of nepotism, corruption, and discrimination toward minorities that they have brought with them into the White House, but another untreated cancer is Trump decadence, which is dangerously spreading into the International Organizations as well.

The G20 summit, where leaders of the world gather to discuss the best way to solve the most pressing issues of our times, became a scene of shameless corruption as Ivanka Trump joined high-profile discussions, where leaders, elected by their respective countries, gathered to talk about important issues. And there was Ivanka Trump, an entrepreneur, not a politician, sitting among presidents. So ironic how an act can be so simple and yet illegal.

But what outraged me the most is that Ivanka Trump joined a World Bank session to discuss women entrepreneurship in developing countries. Since Mr. Jim Yong Kim, president of the World Bank group, shared a picture standing next to Ivanka Trump in social media, I dare to say her presence was more than welcome to him.

Since Ivanka Trump is still in the middle of legal processes related to the abuses of employees that work in the factories to produce the products of her luxury brand. Should she be allowed to have an active role in this matter? I mean, she has been taken to trial for exploiting people in developing countries and still under investigation for the very same issues. And even if this weren’t t enought to disqualify her to hold any role when discussing developing countries’ workers issues. Do you think, even for a second, that someone who makes money exploiting the needs of the poor will have any interest in helping women entrepreneurs in developing countries?

Unless there is another advantage to such a altruistic act. And when talking about the Trump clan, tax evasion is the first thing that comes to my mind. After all, Donald Trump is famous for evading and hiding his tax records. And as Ivanka Trump is known for being the apple that has fallen closest to the tree, I am sure this is not a selfless act, but another burden for the whole world to bare.

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