As I am discovering the secrets of my adoptive city, Tokyo, today I want to share pictures of my whereabouts in Ginza, where Midas touched every single corner of it, to later run lose because he had found home

Gucci store @ Ginza


Luxury is to Ginza, what air is to life. Simply, essential for its existence.

Ginza intersection


Having art exhibitions on display for the pedestrians to enjoy freely is an ordinary thing.


Art exhibition @ Hermes building


Ginza, where opulence is in everyday things, where expensive bags and clothes are not pretentious but routine.

Coach @ Ginza

Armani, Dolce&Gabbana and Coach are just some of the brands that call Ginza home

Armani @ Ginza
Dolce&Gabanna @ Ginza

This is just a tiny bit of what my chaotic, sublime and effervescent Tokyo has to offer 🙂

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