Vegan weekend – day 1

Ramen is my passion and my addiction, and what is ramen you may be asking. To make it easy to understand, I would say that ramen is a symphony of flavors, well orchestrated as if the noodles made love with the broth. Until their passion exhausted them both (I told you I ❤️ ramen 🍜) But to be technical, ramen is a soup made of broth, which is generally pork, however, there are different combinations, which include chicken bones, and beef bones as well. We have infinite variations of this dish. And they are all ramen.

Ramen’s influence in Japanese cuisine is such that it has inspired movies. And museums have been established to honor this noodly-soupy dish 🍜 And not even in my wildest dreams, I would think to change anything about it, so when friends invited me to try “vegan ramen” I was sceptical. But curious.

Once in the restaurant, I was surprised to see people queuing, which it is always a goods sign in Tokyo. Because if the food is so good that people queue to get it, then, the food is worth waiting for. And as Mr. Ping, from Kung fu panda, who is also a noodle lover, would say “you can’t buy that kind of publicity.”
Once we got seated, I anxiously ordered, not knowing exactly what to expect. And when my steamy bowl of ramen arrived, I received it with a certain nervousness.

I took my first bite. And I lost it. I almost ate the whole thing in a mouthful. Then I remembered that I had come with people, so I tried to concentrate on making small talk. And make the soup last at least a little bit longer. Just a little bit longer.

Now that I have discovered vegan ramen, I’d like to try another dish ☺️ Vegan day 2 on the way 😍


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