Vegan weekend – day 2


On a weekend nothing better than a burger, but is there really a good vegan burger out there? I mean a burger than can hypnotize you and make you forget all the harsh memories of the week you’ve just survived. And luckily, there is a such in burger in Tokyo.

At “ripple” the vegan restaurant, where I discovered you do not need meat to actually enjoy a burger , you can find a variety of burgers, toppings and delicious muffins. And incredibly friendly staff, who would treat you as family. They will smile at you while happily serve you a crispy “chicken” burger.

We decide to experiment a little and order a falafel “burger” Oh boy..!!! it melted in my mouth


And as it was an especially hot day, we received a little carton of milk to keep us hydrated. How sweet.!! ❤️


I will definitely will visiting my friends from the “ripple” very soon again burger 🍔 very soon.

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