Mr Abe, can Mario Bros fix Fukushima?

At Rio Olympic closing ceremony, I saw Japanese prime minister, Shinto Abe, emerging from a pipe, trying to emulate video games’ hero “Mario Bros.” And against my own will, I have to admit that it was very hard not to feel proud to belong, somehow, to this land.

And although I would like to congratulate Mr. Abe on getting Japan the great honor to host the Olympic Games, I think the pride to host the games makes us overlook the urgent matters in this country and that Mr. Abe hasn’t done anything to solve any them. Any of them.

It has been more than six years since the Tohoku earthquake hit Japan, and little has been done to solve the problems in the Tohoku area. We still have leaks, the population still living in exile, unable to return to their homes, and their economy is draining.

And our Prime Minister, Shinto Abe hasn’t had a better idea than stimulating tourism to Fukushima and Iwate, areas close to the plants. And selling vegetables cultivate in the area. In other words, the responsibility to help Fukushima falls on the population’s lap. A very easy approach, don’t you think?

The population is waking up, Mr. Abe. And we don’t like how you have been wasting precious time in helping the Tohoku population. Stop procrastinating and do your job, Mr. Abe. Do your job.

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