Taiyaki: The rebel fish

Nobody knows when exactly taiyaki 「たい焼き」appeared for the very first time in Japan, but according to some historians its origins can be traced back to the Meiji era.

But what most people find puzzling is its shape, which resembles a fish. And on this subject, although, there isn’t an absolute theory, I read somewhere, that during the Meiji era, red snapper (tai 鯛)was incredibly expensive, so as to give people the sensation they were eating something special, taiyaki was shapen into fish silhouette. Just to make people happy. As always making people happy it’s the main purpose of taiyaki’s short and yet incredible existence

I personally see taiyaki as the rebel fish, being born in an era of change, somehow it speaks of  human resilience and of the untamed determination to survive despite adversity. And while doing so, we can be happy.

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