Allergies? You shall not fear Doctor Sasamoto is here

Tokyo is a big city, it’s not as dirty as other cities in the world, but it is still a city, therefore, it is polluted. And between pollution and the hay fever season allergies become difficult to handle.

Hopefully not far from Tokyo in  Seijougakuenmae (成城学園前駅)in the Odakyu line (小田急線)we can find one of the best allergist in Japan, my personal hero, Doctor Sasamoto.

I will tell you how to get there in simple steps:

1.- Find Odakyu line (小田急線)Get on a train bound for Odawara (小田原)Take the express train (red) not the super express (orange) 😊 otherwise you might get lost because the super express trains do not stop at Seijougakuenmae (成城学園前駅)

2.- Get off at Seijougakuenmae (成城学園前駅)

3.- Go upstairs

4.- Then look for this exit

5.- Once you get off the ticket gate, you will see this

6.- Turn left  and you will see this

7.- Follow the yellow line on the floor (for about 60 steps) and you will see Dean and Deluca 😊 then turn left

8.- You will see a taxi stop (タクシーのりば)

10.- Walk around 100 steps and you will see Sasamoto clinic (phone number 03-3789-1153)

11.- Go to the second floor

12.- And you will find Doctor Sasamoto

Just kidding, this is the real Doctor Sasamoto

He is a really nice doctor, and the friendly staff will go above and beyond to help you 🙂

※For more information check his website


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