Harajuku: Shibuya’s cheeky little sister


Shibuya and Harajuku, together, are the heart of the Japanese fashion world. And although, they are sisters, Harajuku is cheeky and always rebellious.

In Harajuku, people are free not only to be themselves but to become someone else without being asked questions.

Beautiful creatures, imagination and creativity get together to welcome locals and tourists who are in search of Harajuku’s uniqueness, which starts at Takeshita street.




If you don’t fancy drinking your coffee alone, please feel free to go to “cat cafe” where you will enjoy the company of these delightful creatures for only 200 yen/10 minutes

Do you need socks? You shall no worry, here we have a kutsushita = socks’ store, a store that sells socks exclusively.



What about ninja clothes for children? It is never too soon to help our children choosing a career, isn’t it?


And close from there, my favorite shop in Japan, the 100 yen store.


And on my way back to the station, I found this mural that reflects the dark and yet sweet uniqueness that is Harajuku.

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