An adorable and yet ungrateful old lady

I do love the elderly, but I have to admit that I especially love Japanese elderly (old people) maybe because they remind me of my own Japanese grandparents.

But I gotta say

There are some cheeky ones out there..!!
I mean, I am happy Japanese people have such a long life expectancy, but some elderly are just simply out of control.
Everytime, I go out of the house, I have to watch out for the old Japanese ladies who ride their bicycles as if they were in a sort of marathon. They won’t stop for you. The will keep pedaling even if they run over your foot. They won’t give you a second glance.

Despite all this, I love them.

I try my hardest to be kind to them. But I have to admit that I haven’t been so lucky lately, because, they (the old Japanese ladies) do not love me back these days. Even yesterday, at the supermarket, I saw a very old lady, maybe in her late 90’s struggling to find a small queue then as silly as I am I offered her my place in it (the queue), although, I was in a hurry, too.
She didn’t say thank you but started growling.😂

Wait..! Was she growling at me? 🤔

I have no idea.

But once I got to the checkout, I saw her struggling again because they have changed it (the check out), which it is automatic now and again I tried helping. But this time it was the cashier and myself helping the adorable and yet ungrateful old lady. We succeed. But then again, not even a second glance. But a growl. However, I must admit, it was an adorable growl.

The cashier and I exchanged smiles and got on with our lives. Knowing that, if lucky, we will arrive at the same age of that adorable old rascal. Hopefully, I will still have enough energy to growl at people.


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