Rumbling tummy: everyday @ 10:30 a.m.


At 10:30 everyday no matter where I am. No matter what I am doing. My tummy rambles as if there were no tomorrow.

My tummy rumbles as if an earthquake were punishing earth with its strikes

My tummy rumbles no matter how good or bad my breakfast was.

Rumbles as if I had spent the last 24 hours without food or water

Rumbles as if the were no hope for food

Rumbles and Rumbles and I must eat at 10:30 every morning

But at 11:00 there is no hunger, my tummy sleeps to later wake up with fury at noon.

But It is 10:30 now, and it rumbles. So, I must go, because if I don’t eat, I won’t be able to put any word down for you or me.


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