Columbus: It’s America silly billy


I truly don’t understand what is all this fuzz around Columbus day, seriously, I don’t understand it myself. I am latinoamerican, and I can’t understand how can we celebrate a man who thought had arrived in India. 

India..!! I mean, I love India but come on..! India is on the other side of the globe..!! The man was utterly lost, so lost, he never knew he had arrived in the American continent. And although some historians say he knew it just before he died I, personally, think he died as inattentive as he lived. He was a hopeless silly billy. 

Moreover, the man didn’t discover anything, I mean, as far as I know, there were people living there way before the smelly Colon arrived in the continent.

We can’t change history, what happened, unfortunately, happened, but we can change our perceptions of things for our own sake, because if we understand our wrongdoings then we can fix them.

And one of the worst misunderstandings we have carried on for way too long is honoring Christopher Columbus, who is nothing but a silly banana, who never knew where he indeed had arrived. I don’t know you but I, personally, don’t consider a laughingstock as such worthy of my respect 😉



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