When an idea sparks excitement in my mind, whatever this might be, a drawing, a picture, sewing a pair of trousers, or writing a little story I always find an obstacle to the fulfillment of the project.

And when this happens I literally spend more than a few minutes mopping my lack of talent, knowledge and the absence of that “something” special that makes the ordinary great.

But once the tantrum has eased up, I calmly return to the unfinished project(sometimes projects). And I realize that all I needed was time to get a new and better perspective.

Granted, perhaps, I would never have that “something” special, but there is nothing in the world that can stop from keep trying, that’s why I will give myself time, time to fail, time to learn, time to try again and again.

After all, this is my time, and whatever I decide to do with the numbered days of my life is totally and entirely up to me.


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