Arthur Huang: The artbytecritique, his drawings and Nakanojo

Knowing Arthur Huang is knowing an artist and scientist who has decided to use art to make an impact on society.  And following his desire to make an impact on society he actively participates in exhibitions and open shows in different parts of Japan, being his last exhibition in Nakanojo Biennale (中之条ビエンナーレ) where he showed not only his talent but his commitment to helping remote towns reviving and sustaining their economy.

Arthur Huang’s work is subtle  and yet it has a big impact on you, because it is just so beautiful to look at.

And if you see his work from afar, they resemble rain drops

Arthur Huang’s work is Friends and locals visited Arthur Huang’s exhibition

Here with Nick West from discussing about what they know best, art.

Arthur welcoming visitors’s questions.

You can also find Arthur Huang in #artbytecritique group on Facebook and artbytecritique’s website is


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