The chocolates: the granny and the train


While I was waiting for the train, the unmistakable aroma of chocolate knocked on my nose, entering without permission. It woke up my senses, so I started looking around just to realized that the lovely 90 years old lady sitting next to me was enjoying chocolate.

One would think she had a few ones or a little bag at least. Wrong.! Wrong, my dear friends..!

The lady in question had a box, a whole box. If I ever thought, I loved chocolate I have certainly met my match.

I indeed saw my future in her.

She noticed me. And offered me one of the sweetest smiles, I have seen in a long time. I bowed. And I think she found me worthy of sharing her precious treasures, because, to the horror of many, she extended the box towards me, offering to share her cherished chocolates. I didn’t want to accept them but she was looking at me with such tenderness that I couldn’t refuse, I seriously couldn’t.

I took one. The lovely granny smiled happily.

My train came, I would have loved to stay longer with her, but life in Tokyo is not only busy but regulated to a rigorous schedule, even the trains. We said goodbye with another bow.

I hopped on my train. But turned around to have one last look at the lovely granny, and she was there, waving goodbye until my train disappeared into nothingness.


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