3rd time’s the charm: New book



The sun, the wind and the cloud

Every story is born differently, and this story is no exception. And although every one of my stories is special to me (Positive thinking to learn English, Stingyand the stories, I share with you here in @Medium) I have to admit that “The sun, the wind and the cloud” is quite important to me, because, in this story I try to bring to life the cultural elements present in the Andean Culture. And I believe that in this story, I have managed to convey my love, respect and my desire for the Andean culture not only to survive but to thrive. 

In this story, the heroine is Lupe, a six years old living in the Peruvian Highlands. She needs help finding her father, Shall we give her a hand?

Once again, thank you very much all for the love, understanding, support, likes, and comments. You are all awesome..!! Thank you ❤️


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