100 rejections


As an aspiring writer, I ‘ve come to peace with the fact that I have to face rejection to, one day, be able to be a known writer. I am a blogger, though, which I literally adore, because people have been amazingly receptive to my humble work, sometimes I even get surprised when I get the little notification from my blog [your stats are booming] arrives in my phone, It makes my day, and makes everything brighter, better, and just simply makes my dreams a little bit more tangible 🙂
But a while ago, I decided to brave my natural shyness (I can hear the LOL from my friends). And start approaching literary agents, I sent one hundred letters, in all of them, I tried describing my work, the best I could, which perhaps wasn’t even good enough, I tried explaining, who I am, why I love writing, and why writing is so important to me. BUT Not even in my worst nightmares, I imagined, that I will be ignored by so many people. in such a short period of time, I mean I have experience being ignored before, but come on! This was a little bit too much, I sent one hundred e-mails, and I have only received six replies, of course, all of them are kind rejections, which means ninety-four people didn’t even consider my pitch worthy of their time.
I might be down but not out, my friends, and I have already make the maths in my head, if I receive 6 answers for every 100 e-mails, then I should send 1000 e-mails next time, in order to 60 replies, I will be happy receiving sixty replies, and if I sent 10000 e-mails, then I will receive 600 replies, which it’ll make me immensely delighted. You guess it, my friends, I do not give up easily, and rejection only triggers my inner fire 🙂


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