The kiss

pabloJapan is living one of the hardest summers in its history; we try our hardest not to leave the house during the most dangerous hours of the days, which it’s when the heat hits its highest hottest most humid digits. But I need to keep going, as do thousands, even millions, of people, in this busy urban that has trapped us all.

There is no time to look around for new faces to make friends; there is no time to stop because the heat numbs us. But as I was running away from the heat, I was blessed with one of the most beautiful sights I have seen in a long time: A kiss.A couple kissing in the middle of this infernal summer, a kiss that was a promise, a sacred oath between two lovers. A small kiss that was met with angry stares, which only seem to fuel the lovers’ passion, a passion that seemed to burn stronger than the summer itself. She was a beauty that has lived dozens of summers, and he was a tired warrior; nonetheless, they only had eyes for each other.

The sight of their kiss not only put a smile in my heart but made my unpleasant journey a much better one.


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