Hungry anyone?

Doing legal paperwork isn’t fun for me, I do not like queuing, or filling forms, but I have found a way to make things interesting for me. Because right behind the tax office, there is a cozy small restaurant that has the most fantastic food selection I have seen in a while, you won’t break the bank, and you will enjoy a nice meal. In other words, it is healthy and cheap


And maybe everything is life can be approached in this way, for example: If you have an exam coming, you could study harder, then treat yourself to a new app. Or, if you have to do the dishes (and God knows we don’t like washing the dishes 😊) then wash them while listening to your favourite song.

Maybe the secret to doing difficult things is to find a way to make them enjoyable, and saying this I need to drop some paper in the tax office, hungry anyone?



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