I’m sick: The magic recipe

The worst thing that can happen to a hyperactive person such as myself is to get sick. Yes, dear readers, I’m writing to you since the alternative universe of my bed, the only place in this world that makes me feel safe when I come down with a disgusting cold. My bed, my refuge, my fortress, and home. When I’m sick nobody, and I mean nobody, can’t drag me out of it, even if the world were ending 😉
When I get sick, I follow a specific ritual that I can only justify it by my natural neurosis, and to the anxietsoupy of being sick, you’ll see, I cook, but I do not cook anything, I have to prepare, or better say, try to recreate my grandfather’s soup, which I call “ojichan’s soup” (ojichan means grandfather)
I will tell you a secret, but you must promise not to tell anybody. And since you’ve just done it, I will share my secret with you: This soup is magical. Yes, this is a magical soup. I know it sounds unbelievable, but Ojichan said it was magical, and that this soup would get me better no matter what. I just had to be a good girl and eat it all, and Ojichan (Grandfather) never lied, so why wouldn’t I believe him?
One day, I really would like to share with you all the recipe. I’m sure Ojichan would be happy to know I don’t keep what he taught me to myself, after all, he always said sharing was the best way to show love. But at the moment, I need to get better and to gather strength so I can carry on with what we call life.


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