Taking a break

My dear online friends, we have known each other for a while, so I feel very comfortable opening to you and admit that I’m not rich, and even at times, I get poor. I have to save money whenever I possibly can; in whatever possible way. But, at times, the stars align pouring their blessings on me and the clients come knocking to my door asking me to meet them, asking me for lectures, to guide their paths, and to let them borrow a little bit of the knowledge I have humbly accumulated in my many decades of life. (Yes, decades of life experience, my dear friends, you read that correctly)


I work hard to keep my clients happy, and even work harder so I’m satisfied with myself. But today, oh, today! I want to stop everything. I want to sit back and take a break to thank the universe for the all the great opportunities that have come my way in these last week. And as always to thank you all because with your claps and support you help this dreamer to dream a little bit more.
And like today, I’m taking thing slow, I’m not cooking, I am here in the city just enjoying the moment, and enjoying the moment is easy when you have a delicious plate of food in front of you.




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