The sun

The sun blinded my sigh for a moment reminding me that I needed to stay alert. After all, I was traveling outside the city, and I needed to pay attention to my surroundings, I needed to focus, but how could I when the sun was shining so brightly up in the sky?.

I took out my little camera I started taking photos, one after another “I can do better,” I said to myself countless times, until a little cough from the passenger next to me told me, without words, that I was making people uncomfortable. It was time to stop.

Reluctantly, I put the camera back in my bag, but the excitement to share these images with you, has taken the best of me. Because I got off the train, and I’m sitting here in a coffee shop, in an unknown city writing to you, hoping you would understand, hoping you would care, and wishing to share with you the sun’s warmth.


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