Autumn walks: Not so lost anymore

My dear online friends, if you have read my previous post, you know that I easily get lost, I am what the Japanese called Hōkō-onchi (方向音痴) a person, who lacks sense of direction. I get lost everywhere. And as a result, people laugh at my struggle, which it’s ok because I laugh at my own struggle. No biggies.

Autumn walks: Not so lost anymore

For me, getting over struggles is like learning to ride a bike, you may fall once, twice, but you will get up as many times as necessary, soldier on and carry on, forgetting the humiliation you felt a few mere seconds ago. Because, hey! That’s life, and sometimes we have to be our own nurse, father, mother, cheerleader, coach and best friend — all in one.

And walking around town in this not so cold autumn, I realized that the struggles are part of life, like the seasons, there is nothing we can do to prevent the leaves from falling in autumn; as there is nothing we can do to prevent the snow from falling in winter; or the sun to burn in summer. But we can certainly make the best of all situations.

And it’s in this way that I do not to let my limitations dictate what I can- or can’t- achieve, anymore, if I get lost, then I stop, breath, and take a few pictures. I try to make the best of the struggle. I have decided not to let uncertainty rule my life. But instead, promote it to a journey companion. Because we can’t let limitation, uncertainty or doubts rob us of the joy of this crazy adventure we call life.


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