Addicted: To knowledge

I’m addicted to many things, none of which break the law, unfortunately, otherwise, this post will be a juicier one, and the expectations you had when you clicked on this link would have been fulfilled. But now that you are here, reading these lines I put together, maybe fueled by wine, rum or rum chocolate. Mmm..! That sounds good! I’ll put it on my shopping list. 
But, seriously we can be addicted to many things, and at this age, I’ve realized that I’m addicted to knowledge, and modern technology indulges my passion because as soon as I wake up. I do not do yoga; I do not meditate or even pay attention to my body functions. Because, I must read, I must check the news, the serious ones, the important ones, and even the superficial ones. Or so the old people think. For example: How can Beyonce look so great in her 30s? Is Benedict Cumberbatch an otter? Are Shakira’s hips lying when they stated they don’t?
And most importantly, how long is Adriana Grande’s ponytail? 🤣
Profound existential questions that don’t let me sleep stealing my peace of mind. I must discover the truth. And if I ever do, be sure I will share it with you.


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