Artists Talk: April 2019

Another successful evening thanks to Nick Westand his brilliant organization. 

In this occasion we enjoyed talks from: Sofia Salemebloodbros,Alison Carpenter-Hughes,and Suzanne Mooney

Sofia Salemeis a drawer and performer artist interested in wabisabi, and funeral traditions all over the world.

Sofia Saleme

Bloodbros is an illustrator inspired by Japan. His work is certainly interesting and attractice.


Alison Carpenter-Hughes’ works leave you breathless with the warmth that every piece of her creations transmit.

Alison Carpenter-Hughes

Suzanne Mooney walks around the city looking for its soul, and always-present beauty.

Suzanne Mooney

Thank you to all of you for making of this night a very special night. Special thanks to Dr. Alex Watson from and Emily McDonald from

Dr. Alex Watson
Emily McDowell

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