There’s a skyrocket in the living room

Drawing by @Yoneko Shiraishi

The alarm clock wakes me up, and I get up to get myself a cup of coffee, as I do every morning. But this is not any morning, because today, there’s a skyrocket in the living room.

I mean that’s not unusual is it? I mean, who hasn’t woken up to find a skyrocket in their living room once or twice in their lives. 

I boil water and the captivating aroma of coffee brings awareness to my mind. 

There’s indeed a skyrocket in my living room!! And next to it a space suit. How curious!

I get into the skyrocket. And it’s surprisingly cozy, it has a well-stocked library, with ALL my favorite books and movies. A little kitchenette with enough biscuits and tea to last a lifetime.

And in the control board, there’s a gigantic red button. So big, it’s taken almost the whole board.

“Good morning,” says my husband “what’s this?” he asks while his curious eyes find the suit next to the skyrocket.

“I’ve no idea,” I reply 

He takes the space suit and puts it on.

“It suits you nicely,” I said

He doesn’t reply, but smiles joyfully. 

And I sit in the chair in front of the red button, my fingers start playing with it. And I push it. 

Immediately, the door shuts and the machine comes to live with a thunderous roar. I can’t turn it off. My husband grabs the cable next to the skyrocket, he’s coming, too. This is all confusing but in this new beginning, where we don’t know where we will go, we will have new experiences and new adventures together. 


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