Pens, journals, notebooks and more pens

I’m a very disorganized person. I can’t keep an agenda without making a thousand changes, but I’m trying to improve because I have to be better at what I do, and I know I need a little bit of order. So, lately, I have indulged in pens, journals, paper, post-its. notebooks, and more pens, just because they look pretty ❤️ and their vivid colors inspire me and drive me to continue.

I know this might sound childish. But as the say goes “All is fair in love and war” and although I’m in love with I am doing at the moment, I’ll do everything in my power to optimize and maximize my studying time.
I know this is a new beginning and somedays, I feel like my efforts are not bringing any results, but I will get there. I know I will.


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