More about Nikko

A while ago Metropolis magazine published my article “Nikko: its legends and lefties” and I would like to share with you some special shots that weren’t published along the article. Advertisements

Pinky abstract: Fantasy 3

I like painting when I am not writing. Sometimes the words just simply don’t come to me, or get lost somewhere. And, when I can’t find them, then I grab my brushes, and pens and start painting. Sometimes, I paint in silence, accompanied only by the birds’ singing, others I prefer to listen to the…

Canvas talk #5 by Nick West

Nick West, a British artist established in Tokyo, is an active patreon of the arts, not only teaching at Joshibi University but encouraging new artists to share their gift with the world. This time Canvastalk by Nick West brought us four amazing artist. Also, I would like to give special thanks to 331artschiyoda and Arthur…


Good morning, my dear online friends 🙂   I hope you had a lovely weekend, here is a little video for you: Bending  

Japan leading: Influencing Mexicans and Peruvians

When thinking of football, hooligan violence comes to my mind, and growing up in a country, or better say a continent, where “football (or soccer if you prefer it) is God” gave me an insight of what “football culture” is and what can we expect of it. And what can be expected to say the…