Clouds on the sky

Some days life gets to you, some days are harder than others, some days seem worthless and dry. On those days, you feel like you should just stop searching for that sparkle that makes you feel alive. And then without any warning, you come across the most beautiful of skies.

And then you realize that there’s more in life than just you, and your problems. There is also beauty, hope, and thousand of blessings crossing your path. Every breath, every beat of your heart is a sign that you are fine and that whatever is bothering and upsetting you now will pass.
The journey is hard at times, but there are also good times. It all depends on us. Are the clouds bringing rain? Or are they here to bring us joy?

We decide.


I turn around and I see the time “5:55.” I have managed to sleep a few hours, and yet they are not enough. I need to recover my strength, but my eyes are already wide open, and when my eyes are open like this, there is little I can do but to let the motions of the day start. “The routine” drags me out of bed, and takes me to the bathroom.

I look at myself in the mirror and the mirror stares back at me smiling.
I go back to the room, and I see my body lying on the bed peacefully sleeping waiting for me to return to it. Maybe, I am not awake after all.

Helping immigrants

A couple of months ago I received a great work opportunity. But I knew taking the job would mean working my fingers to the bone for a few months, how did I know that? Well, let just say that I just know how the dragons fly in this part of the world.

In this new job, I had to speak Japanese and explain things in Japanese to a certain group of students who like me arrived in these islands to learn, to live, to work and to forge a new future for themselves. Yes, immigrants like myself. Helping immigrants to start their lives and to improve their skills to work in Japan. What a great opportunity!! I just simply had to take the job. And I did. I took it.

There are young people from many parts of the world: Vietnam, Nepal, India, Uzbekistan, Cambodia, Nepal and so many others I can’t even recall them now. It’s being a learning curve for me. But I have enjoyed the ride of this particular dragon. Because this dragon was unknown, wild, unwelcoming, and untamed. Moreover, this dragon has given me the opportunity to help immigrants like me, who don’t know how to start their lives in this new place but who, at the same time, have great hopes for the future. And have proven, once more, that immigrants are a force for good.

Continue growing

Life isn’t as easy we once dreamed as children while looking up in the skies in the calm summer afternoons. In the middle of my fantasies, I remember wondering what was out there waiting for me in the grown up world. And decades later, the questions would answer themselves.

I know I have been absent, and for that I truly apologize. But I also would like to say thank you for continuing reading, commenting, and following my posts. You have no idea how much that means to me, and how much your kindness encourage me to continue this journey.

I am working very hard on new projects, and little by little the universe, Allah or God (or maybe all of them together) are showing me where I have to go. Little by little, I am becoming me, and I am building the next version of myself.

Thank you very much for waiting for me.

Wings to fly

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Tokyo Olympics: the coins

Japan has fallen under the hypnotism of the Olympics, but who can blame them? because since its origins the Olympics stopped wars promising men glory and honour. And the journey to Olympia was a pilgrim more than a simple trip.

If you won, a statue will be erected in your honour, and next to your name, the name of your family and your town will be inscribed, so the fame of your glory will be shared with those dearest to you, the winner, who now will be counted among the immortals and semi-gods because only those who had the special blessing of the Gods could reach such triumph.

Time hasn’t changed the expectation the games brings, so without any further ado, I leave you with the coins that commemorate the 2020 Olympic games, a year the actual games take place.

PS: I understand that in various languages the words: hypnotism and erect; could be understood as negative words, but please see those words in the context of the text. And that every language has different structures. What in your language can be a bad word, in another is just simply a descriptive word ☺️

Night flowers

After the Edogawa fireworks, I was returning home, in the middle of the quiet desolate streets, when my camera discovered night flowers.

They resemble snow or puffy clouds that forgot to make their way to the skies.

Edogawa fireworks

A multitude gathered together to see these beautiful fireworks illuminate the skies. I have never seen so many people together. 

But most importantly, I have never seen such impressive display of art. There were hearts, and flowers drawn onto the sky. Floating magnificently among the clouds to later fall into nothingness. 

The fireworks resembled shooting stars taking into the heavens the hopes and dreams of millions of people.

Kurayami Matsuri

After a few years living in these islands, I still getting impressed by the local culture. It’s a rich culture, of course. But when these festivals take place, a different energy unfolds and spreads all over town.

The Gods are venerated as they, very well, deserve it.

And most importantly, there is togetherness.

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Old drawings

I’m starting new things, you know me, I never stop thinking and sometimes all the ideas of the universe seem to pop in this little head of mine. But going through some old stuff, I found a couple of old drawings.

When I drew them, I didn’t realise the beginning of my new journey. As today, I’m starting a new one. It’s unknown and scary, but I want to take the risk, I want to take the leap. I want the adventure of the risk.

And these old drawings, make me see how far I’ve come, and make thankful for yesterday, and hopeful for tomorrow.