Night flowers

After the Edogawa fireworks, I was returning home, in the middle of the quiet desolate streets, when my camera discovered night flowers.

They resemble snow or puffy clouds that forgot to make their way to the skies.

Edogawa fireworks

A multitude gathered together to see these beautiful fireworks illuminate the skies. I have never seen so many people together. 

But most importantly, I have never seen such impressive display of art. There were hearts, and flowers drawn onto the sky. Floating magnificently among the clouds to later fall into nothingness. 

The fireworks resembled shooting stars taking into the heavens the hopes and dreams of millions of people.

Kurayami Matsuri

After a few years living in these islands, I still getting impressed by the local culture. It’s a rich culture, of course. But when these festivals take place, a different energy unfolds and spreads all over town.

The Gods are venerated as they, very well, deserve it.

And most importantly, there is togetherness.

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Old drawings

I’m starting new things, you know me, I never stop thinking and sometimes all the ideas of the universe seem to pop in this little head of mine. But going through some old stuff, I found a couple of old drawings.

When I drew them, I didn’t realise the beginning of my new journey. As today, I’m starting a new one. It’s unknown and scary, but I want to take the risk, I want to take the leap. I want the adventure of the risk.

And these old drawings, make me see how far I’ve come, and make thankful for yesterday, and hopeful for tomorrow.

Pens, journals, notebooks and more pens

I’m a very disorganized person. I can’t keep an agenda without making a thousand changes, but I’m trying to improve because I have to be better at what I do, and I know I need a little bit of order. So, lately, I have indulged in pens, journals, paper, post-its. notebooks, and more pens, just because they look pretty ❤️ and their vivid colors inspire me and drive me to continue.

I know this might sound childish. But as the say goes “All is fair in love and war” and although I’m in love with I am doing at the moment, I’ll do everything in my power to optimize and maximize my studying time.
I know this is a new beginning and somedays, I feel like my efforts are not bringing any results, but I will get there. I know I will.

Around Harvard

I arrived at my new home, at least my new home for a few days, after all, I live in Tokyo. But will it be forever?. Who knows? but it’s the present, and at this very moment, I’m in Massachusetts. More specifically attending Harvard school for a short course. Only a short course, “nothing special”, but for me, it means the world.

I walk the streets in a state of shock and controlled hysteria. Or at least I think I’m controlling it. The people staring at me might think otherwise 😂

Anyway, I walk around enjoying it all, and I think of you, my dear readers and online friends. I hope you enjoy the pics I chose for you. 

Life can change

Situations can change easily.

On Saturday, it seemed as the heavens were falling on us. The sky was gray; the rain kept pouring on us, making life difficult. And then on Sunday, we had a beautiful sunny warming up. Situations in life can change suddenly, so if are having a good day, enjoy it to the fullest. And if you are going through problems and struggles stay strong, learn from them and keep moving forward because nothing is meant to stop us but to help us grow.