My drawings

These are my beloved drawings. I know they are not fantastic. I know that very well. And yet, they are my pride and joy. Thank you for allowing me to share a little bit of me

Nick West: coming soon

Nick West: coming soon

Taiwan 2: Chunghsuan Lan (藍仲軒)& Each Modern

Traveling is a unique way to reconnect with old friends, and it was that in this way we met an old friend of ours: Chunghsuan Lan (藍仲軒) original from Taiwan, Lan has spent time overseas, and during his residency at 331ArtsChiyoda (Japan) we had the opportunity to know him and his provocative art. But as…

Bonobo Salon: Lyle Nisenholz

Entering Bonobo salon, it’s entering the world of Lyle Nisenholz, a teacher and artist who opened Bonobo Salon, where you can appreciate his inspiring and enigmatic work. And the artist himself If you wish to hold an exhibition at Bonobo Salon, contact Lyle Nisenholz.