Stingy: My newborn


Stingy, my newborn, came into existence when I read a quote by Jane Austen “Selfishness must always be forgiven you know, because there is no hope of a cure”

He came to me and started telling me his story. He brought Dreamly, Sam, and all the other characters that are part of this little book. And it was the characters themselves who wrote the story. I had almost nothing to do with it. Because the characters decided the beginning, the plot and the “ending.” As unbelievable as it might seem, I just type what they told me to type.

And although “Stingy” is the grandson of one of the capital sins, he is a good boy. He has loyally accompanied me in my lowest moments, patiently waiting while I put my life in order, and obediently coming to me whenever I called him. He is my newborn, my second son, and my friend.



I know is not Tuesday, but I would like to humbly introduce to my very first book “英語を習うのためのプラス思考” (Positive thinking to learn English”  In this book I reflect my ideas about teaching and ESL,  bringing them to live through Taro, which is the name of the little character that illustrates the book, which drew all myself as well.

I have enjoyed the experience so much that I have already threatened my editor Nick West with new literary adventures 🙂

Thank you-thank you VERY- much for all your likes, comments, shares and love. Your support does mean a lot to me. It really does. And I know you all already help me lots, but I would like to ask you to share the link of my book, please. m(_ _)m