Taiwan 4: The Englishman

Taiwan 4: The Englishman


Taiwan 3: Lanterns at night

I was walking around in Taiwan getting to know its secrets, observing, enjoying its many aromas, sounds and learning its rhythm when I saw endless rows of lanterns firing up the night. On that first night, I discovered the intensity of Taiwan, its subtle puzzles and the beauty and the people enjoying the night.

Taiwan I: Goddess’ tears

Taiwan was a long overdue expedition for me. Its history and culture have always attracted me with a magnetism I can’t quite define with logic. And the opportunity to visit this fascinating place, presented itself when I least expected it, as a gift from the Gods themselves. Taiwan’s history is longer than I imagined, it…

Without internet: Could you work?

  “I’m telling you when I started my career, we didn’t have internet, we didn’t even work with computers” was saying, my middle-aged colleague.   I stared at my colleague while holding my fork halfway to my mouth. My colleague’s words shocked me because, although, I interact with technology every day, as most of you,…