Taiwan 4: The Englishman

Taiwan 4: The Englishman


Taiwan 3: Lanterns at night

I was walking around in Taiwan getting to know its secrets, observing, enjoying its many aromas, sounds and learning its rhythm when I saw endless rows of lanterns firing up the night. On that first night, I discovered the intensity of Taiwan, its subtle puzzles and the beauty and the people enjoying the night.

Taiwan I: Goddess’ tears

Taiwan was a long overdue expedition for me. Its history and culture have always attracted me with a magnetism I can’t quite define with logic. And the opportunity to visit this fascinating place, presented itself when I least expected it, as a gift from the Gods themselves. Taiwan’s history is longer than I imagined, it…

Without internet: Could you work?

  “I’m telling you when I started my career, we didn’t have internet, we didn’t even work with computers” was saying, my middle-aged colleague.   I stared at my colleague while holding my fork halfway to my mouth. My colleague’s words shocked me because, although, I interact with technology every day, as most of you,…

Work ethics

On rainy days, especially in Tokyo, the world seems to stand still.Or so you think. Even in the most terrible of rainy days, those that come with typhoon warmings, people would still make their way to work. “Neither snow nor rain nor heat” can keep Japanese employees from their desk, duties and prized customers. In…