Pictures: The power of perseverance


“You are good at taking pictures” people kindly say. And although I thank you all for your kind words, I have a little secret to share.

And the secret is that I’m actually not good at taking pictures. Or at least, I wasn’t. If you do not believe me, you could ask people who have known me for decades, and they would gladly tell you that I am terrible at taking pictures.

But as I’m a stubborn little person, seriously, I’m little. I’m only 5 feet 3 inches tall (164 cms), I don’t quit once I set my mind on something I want.

So, when it comes to taking photos, I see something I like, I adjust the lens and shoot. And if I happen to have my iPod instead of my camera, then I shoot unstoppable. I shoot and shoot until I get a pic that it’s worth something.

Because there is always a shot that can be used. Effort always pays off. And, perseverance beats talent, at least it does in my case.


Curvy girl: learning to love her juicy bits

Although during my teenage years I loathed my curves, I have to admit that I have grown fond of the generous flesh that surrounds my bones. Tenacious flesh that has resisted diets and exercises.

During those innocent years of my first youth, I tried every possible diet. As there were always “helpful” people, who let me know what was wrong with my body, I was very well aware of what parts of it should be covered the most as they were exceeding in size and proportion I was told. That’s why I was always up to date with the newest miracle that would promise to give me the body I was never destined to have.

In other words, I was the subject of different experiments from “well-intentioned friends,” but I have to say that once maturity finally settled down in me. And I got rid of those “friends” I found out that I was never meant to be a slim beauty, and I am more than ok with it. I am, in fact, I am happy with it.

I rejoice in my juicy bits, I really do.

And in my personal journey to self-love, I learned that I am a happy curvy girl, with a merry soul, who, every day learns to love her juicy bits all over again.

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I proudly suck at dancing

I visited a salsa club in a little corner of Roppongi, Tokyo’s party town, the black sheep of this traditional city.

I was astonished not only for the lights, but because to be absolutely honest, I haven’t been in a club in ages. My Saturdays nights are reserved for watching movies, relaxing readings, long warm baths, and shaving my mustache, just kidding, I shave it on Sunday nights, nothing better to fight the Monday blues than a smooth face. I’m all everything for beauty.

Anyway, there we were in this salsa club, my mustache and I, taking all in.

So many lights, and so many people dancing at the same time, as if they were dancing after countless hours of rehearsal.

They all danced so beautifully that I couldn’t help but to think of a display of beautiful ceramic figures dancing to the notes of a music box. But of course, they were not ceramic figures, but talented people dancing. And the music far from a music box melody was displayed by a talented DJ, who had a taste for Cuban salsa and even more exotic beats.

All these rhythms brought back memories of my beloved Latin American, and I simply had to dance, although, I know I am not good at it, I boldly made my way onto the dance floor, where, some generous souls offered assistance.

But I must admit that they all failed miserably, one of them even returned me to my seat halfway the song due to my astonishing lack of coordination.

I can’t blame him but thanking him for freeing me from my misery.

Needless to say that I confirmed without a doubt that I suck at dancing.

Candy crafting: When candy dances


As children we all enjoy playing with dough and mud, we love dressing their ordinary appearance into whatever our innocent imagination tells us.

But when we grow up, sadly,  we forget that once we were all artists, that we could create dragons, castles and kill them all at the end of the game to just start it all over again later.

Lucky for me, I have good friends, who don’t let me forget the joy of playing and who are willing to experiment with me what the city has to offer.

And going around town with these good friends, we found a charming little store, and soon as we got in, we were hooked, because we had found an “Amezaiku” (飴細工) shop.

Amezaiku, candy crafting, lets you shape candy into whatever shape you might like. Amezaiku’s origins could be traced back to 796AD when Amezaiku masters gave their first offering to the Doji-temple, which was built when Emperor Karmu moved the capital from Nara to Kyoto.

But you have to be quick, though, candy wants to be given an identity, and waits for no one.

 And even your hand temperature will play against you, so you have to be quick.

There were enchanted roses, sleeping mermaids waiting to be freed, dancing bears, who would love to go home with you. And something primitive and familiar awoken inside me. I just simply had to try it (Amezaiku).


And I did



I almost immediately registered for a workshop. And It was a nice class indeed, where a young master, Mr. Yamamoto, would guide us step by step into the process of making candy dance. And through this dance wake up the spirit within it (the candy) to reveal it (candy’s the spirit) before the world.



※If you wish more information about the lessons, call 03-6323-3319 website:

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Vegan weekend – day 1

Ramen is my passion and my addiction, and what is ramen you may be asking. To make it easy to understand, I would say that ramen is a symphony of flavors, well orchestrated as if the noodles made love with the broth. Until their passion exhausted them both (I told you I ❤️ ramen 🍜) But to be technical, ramen is a soup made of broth, which is generally pork, however, there are different combinations, which include chicken bones, and beef bones as well. We have infinite variations of this dish. And they are all ramen.

Ramen’s influence in Japanese cuisine is such that it has inspired movies. And museums have been established to honor this noodly-soupy dish 🍜 And not even in my wildest dreams, I would think to change anything about it, so when friends invited me to try “vegan ramen” I was sceptical. But curious.

Once in the restaurant, I was surprised to see people queuing, which it is always a goods sign in Tokyo. Because if the food is so good that people queue to get it, then, the food is worth waiting for. And as Mr. Ping, from Kung fu panda, who is also a noodle lover, would say “you can’t buy that kind of publicity.”
Once we got seated, I anxiously ordered, not knowing exactly what to expect. And when my steamy bowl of ramen arrived, I received it with a certain nervousness.

I took my first bite. And I lost it. I almost ate the whole thing in a mouthful. Then I remembered that I had come with people, so I tried to concentrate on making small talk. And make the soup last at least a little bit longer. Just a little bit longer.

Now that I have discovered vegan ramen, I’d like to try another dish ☺️ Vegan day 2 on the way 😍

Japanese pudding or….???

Sometimes it amazes me how the Japanese creativity seems to have no end. Granted, it is a characteristic in all human beings. But I have to say that perhaps it has some special features here 🙂

Here I was living another Monday, elbowing all the other housewives for the best deals in the supper market, when a big and very attractive pudding crossed my path, at the beginning, I tried to resist, remembering my diet, my cholesterol and some other imaginaries reasons that seemed not to work today,

So unable to resist anymore I took my gigantic pudding and made my way to the cashier when I saw the cutest little thing ever a “puchi  purin choco” which can be translated as “tiny pudding chocolate” isn’t that the cutest name?

BFY, I ate it all, the gigantic pudding and the small chocolate ones, I think my doctor might strangle me 🙂 in my next appointment 🙂


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