A blockheaded writer got help from beyond

Every professional writer tells us, amateur writers, to write every single day. “Even when you don’t feel like writing, go ahead and write why you don’t feel like writing,” they tell us.

Sadly, my friends, this is one of those days, when everything seems to go wrong, and even the simplest syntax and vocabulary seem to slip my mind.  Today, my mind doesn’t make the difference between good or bad. I have been dragging words all morning. Even the little characters I draw are sitting there waiting for me to give them a story, so they don’t get lost in their existence. The evil witch has already jumped on the opportunity and is marrying Prince Charming. The lovely princess will have to get a job, oh well!! It was about time 🙂

Then I came across a beautiful video, where a lovely Nana recreates the dishes of her childhood during the Great Depression. She has inspired me more than I would have ever expected. Unfortunately, she is not with us anymore, but she has left a legacy of love, courage, and bravery behind her.  And maybe that’s what’s life is all about. Inspire others,  build something praiseworthy with our lives to inspire even future generations.

Today, in these broken lines I know I am not conquering the world, neither these modest lines will ever win a prize, but I know I’m moving forward because I am conquering my humanity. And that is a triumph. My very personal triumph. And I owe it to the legacy of a lovely Nana, an Italian immigrant who didn’t let harshness  define her life.


Japanese pudding or….???

Sometimes it amazes me how the Japanese creativity seems to have no end. Granted, it is a characteristic in all human beings. But I have to say that perhaps it has some special features here 🙂

Here I was living another Monday, elbowing all the other housewives for the best deals in the supper market, when a big and very attractive pudding crossed my path, at the beginning, I tried to resist, remembering my diet, my cholesterol and some other imaginaries reasons that seemed not to work today,

So unable to resist anymore I took my gigantic pudding and made my way to the cashier when I saw the cutest little thing ever a “puchi  purin choco” which can be translated as “tiny pudding chocolate” isn’t that the cutest name?

BFY, I ate it all, the gigantic pudding and the small chocolate ones, I think my doctor might strangle me 🙂 in my next appointment 🙂


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