Conquering differences: New Zealand

It’s has taken me a few days to get my head around the terrorist attack that took place in New Zealand. A cowardly terrorist attack, which was fuelled with racism and nurtured by far-right wing encouragement which finds fertile land in the ignorant. Yes, the ignorant, who believes being different is a crime.
We’re living trying days, where children and people of peace are murdered in cold blood just for praying, just for being immigrants, and just for having the “audacity” of dreaming of a better life for themselves and their loved ones.

Is that a crime? Is it a transgression to run away from war and poverty?

I’m an immigrant myself. And as such, I’m telling you that we, immigrants, do not wish for anything else but to live in peace and to make a meaningful contribution to the place that has adopted us.

And we can go on an on about the evilness of the right wing, but I know well they, the supporters of this monstrosity, still be unable to understand the meaning of life. And how politics are not contradictory with compassion. But can very well complement it.

Thankfully we have still good people among our world leaders, and it is in this horrendous situation that Jacinda Ardern has shown us what real leadership means. Contrary to what Mr. Trump and friends all over the world believe, leadership is not bullying the weak but lift it and protect it when most needed. Perhaps, leadership is what New Zealand’s Prime Minister has taught us with so much class and dignity that love can help us overcome our differences.


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