The enchantment of languages: From a nosey Parker

I was quietly minding my own business. Yes, quietly — I can literally hear my husband smirking. 
Anyway, as I was saying, I was listening to my Spanish romantic songs, remembering forgotten stories, and silencing exhausting thoughts when I suddenly perceived a different sound in the air at the crowded train station. 
My ears perked as the dogs when they hear high-pitched sounds.
Then I heard it, again, the whisper was traveling with the wind. And it was getting closer.
Well, not exactly a whisper but more like a thunderstorm brewing in the distance. The closer I got to the ticket gate, the louder it was getting.

Then I saw them. I saw her. 

A tiny Spanish woman wielding a sword with the strength of a giant! Well, it was an umbrella, but it did look like a sword at first glance. 

Drawing by Yoneko Shiraishi

 I walked towards the ticket gate, where they were arguing. Well, she was! He was shielding himself from her fury. No, dear readers, don’t feel sorry for him because he had been caught red-handed flirting with young women when “the tiny” Spanish lady went to use the facilities. 

And how do I know all this? Well, let’s say that understanding languages has its perks for a nosey Parker.

Drawing by Yoneko Shiraishi

PS: This is my face when I hear juicy stuff to share with you all. And that’s the actual size of my nose when I write about them. 


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