Since I was a child books fascinate me. I love touching them, feel the weight of their spine against my hand. And one by one, discover their  pages, and mysteries.
I enter bookstores as entering cathedrals, feeling overwhelmed to be surrounded by so many books. I don’t know if you realize this but holding a book is like holding someone’s thoughts and let them into your soul.
And living in Tokyo, the perfect place to visit one of this enchanted places is Shinjuku, where you can see the magnificent Takashimaya building, which will take you to Kinokuniya bookstore through a glass bridge. As if entering a forgotten book paradise, at least that’s how I feel every time I cross that bridge.
And as books can only fulfill their destiny if read, Kinokuniya is carrying out a books sale, from July 14th until July 23rd, to help all those little books find a home, someone who can love them and look after them.

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