Summer: An enemy who fights until the end

I have never liked summer. It has always felt like an invader. I loathe wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts. They do not feel natural to me. I would like to say they don’t suit but I think it is them who can’t stand me.
Dresses, on the other hand, have always been my friends, hiding my bizarre silhouette, they stand by me, no matter what 😊

Summer and I have never enjoyed each other’s company.

And living on an island where the summer is a real summer. You can imagine how hard it is to leave the house to carry on with “life” while trying hard not to melt while doing so.
In Japan, specifically in Tokyo, humidity intensifies the heat sensation, so if the thermometer tells you temperature hits 35°C (95°F), it means we have heat sensation of 43 °C (109°F) so as you can guess my natural aversion for summer increases every year.

Hopefully, sometimes, heat compassionately allows the rain to refresh us for a few days, but then it comes back, as it were saying, it is not my time to go yet. The summer is an enemy who fights until the end.

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