The new me

The new me doesn’t like makeup or cosmetics, doesn’t like fancy things. The new me prefers silence to parties; the new me prefers chai tea to soda, and water to beer. But my favourite coffee shop, where I can get coffee for a dollar, it’s not such a quiet place. And as I need to write, I came to this fancy-pants cafe because it’s silent; there are not so many people here so I can write and be as weird as society allows me to be without worrying about inquisitive eyes. But here is the thing, there are posh people here, and people who want to be seen as “the people”, in fact, there is a group of girls in front of me ;these girls have beautiful clothes on them, and luxurious handbags. And pay for their posh coffees without the blink of an eye while I have to count the coins. But here is the thing, I wouldn’t trade myself with them. They enjoy their expensive thingies; I enjoy my freedom. The new me is happy being different.


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